Digital Decals

Testimonial Video

Check out what the early adopters think about them! Massive shout out to Tapworks, Brewski Bar, Hellbound, Easy Times Brewing and Monty Brewing for being some of our first customers.


A little bit of background

In 2016 The vision for the Digital Decals was born. We released the world’s first digital decals at Tapworks Chermside in October 2018… For the next two years we made significant improvements and added powerful features.. Crawl Media did not only have the vision to digitize decals… We set out to provide a product to engage and inform patrons.

The Digital Decals show customers with information that are 100% relevant to now. They instantly show information with regards to the beer, glass sizes, standard drinks, pricing etc. and an interactive QR code can be scanned for more detail. This provides patrons with real-time contact with the brand, without having to ask – which when it is busy, is a significant advantage to both the customer and bar staff.


Not only do the digital decals give all the important details at a glance, but they also have the ability to display adverts slides. These can be in the way of in-house promotions, or to gain revenue by leasing the advertisement space.

Just as a concierge is to the hotel industry, Crawl Media is a virtual concierge service for the craft beer market
– a central innovative, digital POS media solution that provides real-time data.

A long time coming

V2 release

Since 2018 we have performed rigorous testing though out v1 (pilot) decals. These were limited to 140 units across 12 venues. What we learned from the various complexities of venues Wi-Fi infrastructure and power delivery in ‘wet areas’ , an overhaul has been carefully crafted over 3 years.

Chipset shortage prevented us manufacturing more decals and hindered supply for sales since Q1 2020.
This forced different focus within the organisation; hence why you have not seen many Digital Decals around.
As of November 2023, chipset availability is back to pre-covid times, and pricing of components has started to normalise. The V2 decals will be released Q2 2024.

See developement history


Powerful Features

The number one priority of our products and services is to save bar staff time when when its busy. All of our features are simple and easy to use and have had thousands of hours in testing and development.

wireless digital decals beer taps

2.4 GHz & 5 GHz Wireless
5 GHz For simple connection to your venues Wi-fi. Upgraded Extended antenna for superior wireless connection in most environments.
v2 model only

tempered glass decals beer taps

Tempered glass
The screens look crisp but can take a hit.. much like your phone.
v2 model only

digital beer taps decals with video

Opt for Full Screen (maximum impact for Brand Activation at the Tap), or Split Screen (top shows Decal art / bottom shows pricing & promotion slides).
v2 model only

Digital Decals with Rear Screen

Rear Screen
Upgrade the Digital Decal to include a rear screen (for bar staff).
VERY powerful features including syncing with our KEG SCALES (release date TBA).
v2 model only

digital decal power options

Power Delivery
Power the decals either by USB-C cable or our 12v 10A power ‘daisy chain’ system with magnetic connectors
v2 model only

screen saver

High Definition Video
Super crisp 1080 x 1920px High Definition. The decals can display JPG, Transparent PNG and MP4 video with 25 FPS (Frames Per Second).

orientation - up side down

Decals can display updide down.

glass sizes

Glass Sizes
Assign the glass sizes you serve. Done once during setup, this allows prices to be added and standard drinks to be generated. If a price isn't added for a beer, the glass size won't show as available.

beer standard drinks caculator

Standard Drinks
Automatically generated when you assign a beer to tap. This allows customers to make a quick choice - very helpful especially if they are driving.

happy hour pricing

Happy Hour Pricing
Simply set discount (percentage or dollar value) and set time range. The decals will automatically update and display notification text at bottom.

public holiday pricing

Public Holiday Pricing
Simply set a surcharge (percentage or dollar value) and activate. The decals will automatically update and display notification text at bottom.

member pricing

Member Pricing
Simply set a discount (percentage or dollar value) and activate. The decals will automatically update and display notification text at bottom.

beer standard drinks caculator

The decal artwork always displays at the top. The bottom section shows the beer details. You also have the ability to display different content here via 7-second 'slides'.

new media advert slide

Opt to display an image at bottom section of decal. Lease this space for extra revenue or promote upcoming events!

qr code for beer details

QR Code
Allow patrons to quickly pull up details of the beer on tap!


Temporarily Unavailable
Simply tick a button to show customers what beer is usually on a specific tap, but is currently not available.

new beer coming soon

New Beer Coming Soon
If no beer is assigned to a tap, this message will appear. It is automatically removed as soon as a beer is reassigned to the tap.

screen saver

Power Saving
Your decal's screen will power on 2 hours before you open, and stay on until 2 hours after you close (based on your opening hours). A simple click can override the screensaver.

screen saver

Remote Management
Beers can be managed anywhere in the world with internet.
Power cycle your Digital Decal from the management software. No need to turn off switches or unplug cables.

screen saver

Automatic Updates
Updates will automatically download and update without inturruption.

screen saver

Remote reporting and debugging system allow quick remote assistance. Systems have been tested and perfected over 3 years. .


Why upgrade?

  • Free up time for bar staff.
  • Environmentally friendly - no more plastics!
  • Contemporise your bar without changing its appeal.
  • Something new - see how much more traction your socials get with customers' posts showing them off!
  • No more management over real-estate use by different breweries.
  • Simple to use Beer Management. Simply log in to update beer list and forget. Effortlessly manage beer from transit to cold room to tap.
  • Australian made and owned - all Australian employees and contractors.

Beer Management System

The Digital Decals are powered by Beer Crawl, an Australian Brewery and Bar directory focused on good beer. We have an array of time saving systems to assist your business. Beers are being added daily.
Beer Crawl - Lifetime free beer lists for venues

Beers Listed 10,500 +

Venues Listed 11,000 +

Breweries Listed 1,300 +
beer managemement system


Our Legend Clients

Some product shots of our Digital Decals at our valued clients.