Digital Decals for Brewery Taproom

If you have animated artwork – this is a match to swipe right for.
Think about how your brand will excel with animated artwork right in front of the taps.
The other consideration is if you have low volume limited release beers. Simply log in, add the beer details and upload the artwork.
Think of the time and $$$ you will save. Simple!

Digital Decals + Tap contracts = Awesome

We have developed a standalone system with breweries in mind.
Breweries can manage Digital Decals which are distributed throughout clients’ venues.
The decal’s real estate wars are over.
No more customers having issues with fitting in decals beside each other. NOW the onus is on the Brewery.
With complete control on brand activation at point of sale. Draw attention to your product over others by use of animated graphics and more! Oh… And you can update it anywhere in the world within 5 minutes with click click of a button (If the decals are connected to the internet).
This new media is Brand Activation at point of Purchase.

Option 1: Standard Split Screen

50% of the screens real estate showing slides of beer info and pricing and advert space.
The Brewery has control over what beer is displayed on an individual decal and can push optional advertisements in the dedicated info / slides space. The venue still has access, however can only edit prices for the beer.

Option 2: Full Screen

If you don’t need the pricing section, or if the decals are displayed further from the patrons, Full screen is the choice for you. Internet is only required to change artwork or beer… so this can be a favourable option for venues with Wi-Fi complexities.