Cable management is the process of running the USBC cables that power your Digital Decal to the power source.
Some clients are happy to attach the cables directly to the font with cable ties:
digital decal cable management
Cable tie option
Other clients want something that is more integrated.
We have developed a system to neatly hide and protect the cables.

Cable tie option


Installing cable management

Check out what the early adopters think about them!
Massive shout out to Brewski Bar and Hellbound for being some of our first customers.

Chrome powder coated tubing sytem

Powder coating options

We use and recommend Ridgewood for powder coating. Based north of Brisbane, these guys have a class leading range of colours and options.

Here is our standard range of powder coated colours for tubing and fittings.

chrome powder coating

25mm Aluminium Tubing [In Stock].

gold brass powder coating

Gold / Brass.
25mm Aluminium Tubing [In Stock].

copper powder coating

25mm Aluminium Tubing [In Stock].

satin black powder coating

Satin Black
25mm Aluminium Tubing [In Stock].