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    Contemporise your bar with digital decals.
    No more time wasted by removing and attaching epoxy stickers.
    No more management over real-estate use by different breweries.
    Simply log in to update beer list and forget.
    Connected by Wi-Fi, content is automatically added to the digital decal.

  • Effortlessly manage Beers from in transit, to coldroom to tap

  • Global design registration and patents, proudly Australian

    Australian Made logo

Digital Decals Launched!

Digital beer tap decal for pubs, clubs and bars.

What it shows

Australian Made logo

Designed and Made in Australia

A Digital signage solution connected to your beer tap.
Display beer info, pricing and promotional space. Automatically display ABV and standard drinks for various glass sizes.
Powered by Beer Crawl - select for 7,000+ Australian and international beers.
Global Patents

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